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Official website re-launched! The official website for the governing body of Budokan Karate Academy was re-launched , 2021. Our sincere congratulations! // Student Success: Overcome Challenges and Achieve Your Goals "Congratulations to all Budokan Karate Academy students challenging for new grades over the weekend and thank you to all our parent’s/family members who continue to support all students on their journey to black belt and beyond" // Karate Grading Tests Karate test will be held on October 17th Sunday 2021 at Muvattupuzha, Kerala. //

Prior to a Grading

  1. It is not polite etiquette to ask to go for an examination. Wait till your instructor invites you. Remember a grading is a privilege, not a right.
  2. The first consideration when attempting a KYU grading is that the minimum amount of training time has been completed.
  3. Only those with a current BKA membership are eligible to attempt a BKA grading. Make sure you check the back of your BKA Membership book and see your membership is up to date.
  4. Prior to the grading day, make sure you have handed in to your instructor, your BKA Membership book, this BKA Training Manual & Syllabus, grading fee, and any other relevant paperwork.
Grade Time Requirement
9th KYU

6 – 8 weeks training

8th KYU

Additional 4 weeks training after 9th KYU

7th KYU

Additional 3 months training after 8th KYU

6th KYU

Additional 3 months training after 7th KYU

5th KYU

Additional 3 months training after 6th KYU

4th KYU

Additional 3 months training after 5th KYU

3rd KYU

Additional 3 months training after 4th KYU

2nd KYU

Additional 6 months training after 3rd KYU

1st KYU

Additional 6 months training after 2nd KYU


Additional 6 months training after 1st KYU


Note: In some special circumstances these times may vary according to a student’s ability, previous training etc.


On the Grading Day

♦ Do not be late, arrive early otherwise you may not grade.

♦A clean, white DOGI must be worn with the BKA GI badge on the left chest area of the jacket.

♦When your name is called out for the examination, respond with a loud “OSU” and move quickly to your designated position.

♦Maintain a serious attitude at all times during a grading and do not get distracted. It is essential that the grading be performed with 100% effort, nothing less is acceptable whether you are a beginner or a black belt.

♦Remember that Way of Karate-Do disregards race, religion or social standing.

After the Grading

♦Immediately after your grading, results and a critique will be issued by the examiner. When your name is called, respond with a loud “OSU”, bow respectfully and listen.

♦Successful examinees will receive a BKA Certificate plus a new belt.

♦Your BKA Membership Book will have the international BKA Grading Seal placed in it and returned to you in a few days.

Considerations for Dan Grading Examinations

Time Requirements:

  1. Shodan to Nidan - Minimum 2 years after Shodan
  2. Nidan to Sandan - Minimum 3 years after Nidan 
  3. Sandan to Yondan - Minimum 4 years after Sandan
  4. Yondan to Godan - Minimum 4 years after Yondan
  5. Godan to Rokudan - Minimum 6 years after Godan

  1. Provided you have been training continuously for the requisite number of years, you may be recommended to attempt a Dan grading. This recommendation will come from your instructor or the BKA Chief Instructor. (Note: “continuous training” means you have been training continuously with no breaks in between).
  2. A Dan grading examination not only means passing of the physical examination, it also entails adhering to the principles of Karate-Do. Bad conduct, bad habits and disrespect are not part of this.
  3. BKA has the authority to cancel and revoke any grade, or grading, of any Karate-Ka not adhering to the requirements of the BKA Karate that is taught, and learnt through, hard training.

BKA Grading Syllabus

The Budokan Karate Academy KYU grading system has 9 KYU grades beginning with 9th KYU (White belt), through to 1st KYU brown belt. Generally, an average time of 3-months should elapse between all these ranks.

This time however, may vary according to ability and training frequency. Please note that once the student has reached the first level brown belt (3rd KYU), there is a further 6 months of training between 3rd KYU, 2nd KYU, 1st KYU, in other words, 18 months of training before attempting Shodan from brown belt 3RD KYU. All ranks issued are recognized around the world in all BKA member countries / dojo, and membership books are updated, by the examiner, after each grading.

The grading requirements on the following web papers are a minimum requirement for each rank, and the examiner reserves the right to deviate from this syllabus if, and when, required.