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Official website re-launched! The official website for the governing body of Budokan Karate Academy was re-launched , 2021. Our sincere congratulations! // Student Success: Overcome Challenges and Achieve Your Goals "Congratulations to all Budokan Karate Academy students challenging for new grades over the weekend and thank you to all our parent’s/family members who continue to support all students on their journey to black belt and beyond" // Karate Grading Tests Karate test will be held on October 17th Sunday 2021 at Muvattupuzha, Kerala. //

Karate is an art of unarmed combat. The Japanese characters which make up the word "karate" is "empty hands". This refers  to the fact that karate originated as a system of self-defense which relied on the effective use of the unarmed body of its practitioner. This system consisted of techniques of blocking or thwarting an attack and counterattacking the opponent(s) by punching, striking, throwing or kicking.

What Is Karate Kata

Karate Kata are logical sequence of blocking, punching, striking and kicking techniques. Some Kata that are practiced today have been handed down from generation to generation. Some have been developed quite recently.

Training in Kata is spiritual as well as physical. To a layman, Kata may appear like a form of dancing. To grasp the meaning of Kata, one must be involved in Karate. In Kata training, the practitioners have to concentrate and require composure  for their performance. The practitioners have to exhibit strength and dignity, boldness and confidence, but also humility and gentleness. Some Kata are exhibited with fast reflexes and the ability to move quickly. However, all Kata foster rhythm and coordination