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Official website re-launched! The official website for the governing body of Budokan Karate Academy was re-launched September 25, 2017. Our sincere congratulations! // Student Success: Overcome Challenges and Achieve Your Goals “Congratulations to all Budokan Karate Academy students challenging for new grades over the weekend and thank you to all our parent’s/family members who continue to support all students on their journey to black belt and beyond”

Karate is an art of unarmed combat. The Japanese characters which make up the word "karate" is "empty hands". This refers to the fact that karate originated as a system of self-defense which relied on the effective use of the unarmed body of its practitioner. This system consisted of techniques of blocking or thwarting an attack and counterattacking the opponent(s) by punching, striking, throwing or kicking.

What Is Karate Kata

Karate Kata are logical sequence of blocking, punching, striking and kicking techniques. Some Kata that are practiced today have been handed down from generation to generation. Some have been developed quite recently.

Training in Kata is spiritual as well as physical. To a layman, Kata may appear like a form of dancing. To grasp the meaning of Kata, one must be involved in Karate. In Kata training, the practitioners have to concentrate and require composure for their performance. The practitioners have to exhibit strength and dignity, boldness and confidence, but also humility and gentleness. Some Kata are exhibited with fast reflexes and the ability to move quickly. However, all Kata foster rhythm and coordination

Kata Adopted by B.K.A.

  1. Taikyo-Ku Shodan
  2. Taikyo-Ku Sandan
  3. Heian Shodan
  4. Heian Nidan
  5. He Ian Sandan
  6. Heian Yondan
  7. Heian Godan
  8. Tekki Shodan
  9. Tekki Nidan
  10. Tekki Sandan
  11. Basai-Dai
  12. Basai-Sho
  13. Kanku-Dai
  14. Kanku-Sho
  15. Empi
  16. Jion
  17. Jitte
  18. Gankaku
  19. Hangetsu
  20. Seienchin
  21. Saifa
  22. Kururunfa
  23. Gojushiho
  24. Unsu
  25. Seipa
  26. Jiin
  27. Sochin
  28. Tenso
  29. Annanko
  30. Seiryu
  31. Matsukaze

The Budokan Karate Academy practices 31 kata. The emphasis should be on “quality not quantity” and students should master the required kata for their rank rather than concentrating on advanced forms.

Kata Meaning Count Kai
Heian - Shodan Peaceful mind 21 Moves 9th & 17th Movement
Heian - Nidan Peaceful mind 26 Moves 11th & 26th Movement
Heian - Sandan Peaceful mind 20 Moves 10th & 20th Movement
Heian - Yondan Peaceful mind 27 Moves 13th & 25th Movement
Heian - Godan Peaceful mind 23 Moves 12th & 19th Movement
Tekki - Shodan Iron horseman 29 Moves 15th & 29th Movement
Tekki - Nidan Iron horseman 24 Moves 16th & 24th Movement
Tekki - Sandan Iron horseman 36 Moves 16th & 36th Movement
Bassai - Dai Penetrating a fortress 42 Moves 19th & 42nd Movement
Kanku - Dai Viewing the sky 65 Moves 15th & 65th Movement
Empi Flying swallow 37 Moves 15th & 36th Movement
Jion From the temple of Jion 47 Moves 17th & 47th Movement
Bassai – Sho Penetrating a fortress 27 Moves 17th & 25th Movement
Kanku – Sho Viewing the sky 47 Moves 6th & 47th Movement
Jitte Ten hands 24 Moves 13th & 24th Movement
Gankaku Crane on a rock 42 Moves 28th & 42nd Movement
Hangetsu Half moon 41 Moves 11th & 40th Movement
Sochin Strength and calm 40 Moves 28th & 40th Movement
Chinte Strange hands 33 Moves 9th & 32nd Movement
Nijushiho Twenty-four steps 33 Moves 18th & 32nd Movement
Wankan King and crown 24 Moves 24th Movement
Meikyo Polished mirror 33 Moves 32nd Movement
Unsu Hands in the cloud 48 Moves 36th & 48th Movement
Gojushiho - Sho Fifty-four steps 65 Moves 57th & 65th Movement
Gojushiho – Dai Fifty-four steps 62 Moves 54th & 61st Movement


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