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Official website re-launched! The official website for the governing body of Budokan Karate Academy was re-launched September 25, 2017. Our sincere congratulations! // Student Success: Overcome Challenges and Achieve Your Goals “Congratulations to all Budokan Karate Academy students challenging for new grades over the weekend and thank you to all our parent’s/family members who continue to support all students on their journey to black belt and beyond”

We the members realizing that our conduct reflects on the good name of the "Budokan Karate Academy" organization, and realizing the responsibilities thereby placed upon us, pledge ourselves: -

  1. To fulfil our responsibilities to society, to our masters, officials and administrators of. B.K.A.
  2. To honor, dignify and support the art of karate-do by competing to the best of our ability and by being in top shape when giving an exhibition.
  3. To respect our opponents on equal terms in the spirit of friendly rivalry and good sportsmanship.
  4. To respect the decisions of the judges in the spirit of good sportsmanship without descending to selfish recriminations, realizing that those decisions have been made honestly and objectively.
  5. To continue striving for better skill in karate and to upkeep the high standards of B.K.A. grading test.
1 Soke Grandmaster
2 Nidaime-Soke Deputy Grandmaster
3 Tasshi Wise Master
4 Kyoshi Very Senior Master
5 Renshi Senior Master
6 Kenshi Acting Senior Master
7 Sensei Teacher
8 Shidoin Junior Instructor
9 Ritsurei Standing Bow
10 Zarei Kneeling Bow
11 Heisoku Dachi Attention Stance
12 Heiko Dachi Parallel Stance
13 Kamae Posture
14 Hajime Start
15 Yame Stop
16 Mawate About Turn
17 Gi Training uniform
18 Yoi Ready position
19 Geri Kick
20 Uke Block
21 Mae-Geri Front Kick
22 Uchi Strike
23 Yoko-Geri Side-Kick
24 Mawashi-Geri Roundhouse Kick
25 Ushiro-Geri Back Kick
26 Ura-Mawashi-Geri Reverse Roundhouse Kick
27 Ushiro-Ura-Mawashi-Geri Back Spinning Kick
28 Mikazuki-Geri Crescent Kick
29 Oi-Tsuki Lunge Punch
30 Gyaku Tsuki Reverse Punch
31 Obi Belt  
32 Dojo Karate training place
33 Karate-Ka Karate student
34 Ippon-kumite One-step sparring
35 Sanbon-kumite Three-steps sparring
36 Gohon-kumite five-steps sparring
37 Jiju-kumite Free-sparring